“Black as AIDS” – A black disease?

There are 30 million people living in the U.S. And while blacks account for less than 15%, they make up about 50% of the estimated Aids cases, according to the CDC. Though it affects us all, these staggering numbers have led many to feel that Aids is a black disease. Join the discussion; What do you think?


  1. AIDS is not a black disease. Its a disease, period. Diseases don’t discriminate. Diseases don’t care about social, economical, mental, or physical aspects of the person it infects. It just simply does what it does which is to infect. AIDS being a black disease is a myth. Let’s not forget in the 80s it was “the Gay disease.” What’s not a myth is the huge disparity of healthcare when it comes to this disease. The bigger question is how is the African American who’s been diagnosed with HIV being treated versus that of a non African American patient? Who has the best doctors?, the best insurance?, access to most potent medicines?, alternative treatments? You already know the answer.AIDS is no more a Black disease than being wealthy is a condtion most favorable by those of European descent. Its a disease that after it infects, affects everyone, but when we know better, we do better and then we can effect change.

    • Great points! Alot of what you’ve mentined is covered in my new documentary, “Black as AIDS.” Here’s an interesting peice that you might be interested in reading. Here’s a clip from it; In America today, AIDS is virtually a black disease, by any measure,” says Phill Wilson, executive director of The Black AIDS Institute in Los Angeles. The link is below. And thanks for your thoughts.


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