“Black as AIDS” – Discussion: Fear of the unknown!

With “Black as AIDS” already sparking conversation, even without one frame of video, the question I hear most is, “Why do you think so many Black Americans have AIDS?” And though everyone has a different answer, the common variable appears to be negligence.

While speaking with an array of potential subjects for the documentary, I’ve found that while more and more people engage in unprotected sex and at younger ages,  not very many people have taken an AIDS test; the most common response, “I’m afraid.”  But that fear is costing thousands of lives each year.

So, I ask: What do you  think? If you’re sexually active, have you taken an AIDS test? Why or why not? And what do you think needs to be done?


1 Comment

  1. ive taken one, i wasnt afraid but i encourage who are sexually active and who and dont wear protection to go get tested.

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