“Black as AIDS” – the Documentary

Today, the AIDS epidemic affects more than 500,000 Blacks Americans, who live with the deadly infection. In addition, there are an estimated 20,000 new cases each year.

According to the CDC (Center of Disease Control), AIDS related deaths rank 3rd among the leading causes of death in Black America.

Although leadership is present, their call for action are mere whispers to the barrage of sex in music video, movies and reality TV. And while advertised everywhere, prevention methods aren’t. Though Government programs are in place, this is and still remains, OUR FIGHT!

Black as AIDS takes an in-depth look into the AIDS / HIV epidemic, with first hand
testimonials of those it has affected. Hear from the brave people who battle with it everyday but continue to go about their daily lives, as they share their struggles, coping methods and regrets.
This feature length documentary is set to begin production April 2010.  For updates and information, check back regularly.



  1. Bryan you’re on your WAY!! can’t wait to see it.
    I’ll be front and center….Congrats

  2. I love the blog Bryan. I’m also excited to to the documentary, send me a copy.

  3. Bryan. This is deep, it is a very serious matter that more people need to help with…BTW im writing a song about the AIDS epidemic and how its over look and how people with it are looked down on and how we need to help them out as well…

    • I want to hear it when you’re finished; I’m going to put together a score for the film and will need music with a matching theme. So, let me know.

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